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Topeka's Menninger Murder:  Who Killed Daphne Rhodes?
by Paul Fecteau and G. Stephen Thurston

In the early hours of June 3, 1962, Daphne Bunker Rhodes was murdered in her apartment near 29th and Gage Blvd. in Topeka.  The case has never been solved.

The world-famous Menninger psychiatric hospital in Topeka attracted a clientele that included the aristocratic, the bohemian, and the infamous. These patients had two things in common: they were rich and they didn't fit in with the surrounding culture.  

Daughter of a wealthy New York industrialist, Daphne Rhodes had begun to thrive among this colorful crowd of fellow patients, but she did not separate herself from the local community, attending hootenannies at Washburn University and volunteering at the Capper Foundation.

Her murder was almost certainly committed by someone who knew her well.

The ensuing investigation involved both locals in the neighborhood and Daphne’s fellow patients from the clinic, ultimately a dizzying array of odd characters that bewildered Topeka Police detectives, KBI Agents, and an investigator hired by Daphne’s father.

The case went cold, and the mystery endures. 

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Barely Bound

Among the denizens of the wide and weird landscape of Barely Bound, you’ll meet a drunk driver with a zombie problem, a travelling preacher with a dark secret, a high school cheerleader who is a serial killer, a couple time-travelling professors, a maintenance man cleaning up after the suicide of a female tenant with whom he was obsessed, a sociopath in the making, a rock star who earns her Goth cred the hard way, a vampire hunter in love with a vampire, the black-eyed kids of urban legend, the archeologists who discover homo vampiris, a photographer fond of cemeteries, the ghost of a teen hitchhiker, a very romantic necrophiliac, werewolves and witchdoctors, a lifeguard who is a sea monster, a drug addict with telepathy, a shapeshifting prostitute, a preacher whose twin brother has taken the Left Hand Path, a real estate agent who handles haunted properties, a psychic janitor in a psych ward, two girls on a midnight mission in a mortuary, and a believer and a skeptic who actually get along.

Barely Bound: Tales of Horror collects 22 pulp stories
by Paul Fecteau and John McClenny.

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